Jan Lucanus

Nov 1, 2021

4 min read

New Wins & The Chain of Confidence

Friday, October 22, 2021

Last weekend converged a lot of triumphant energies and I’ve been meaning to share. This was all complimented by a powerful thought of what I’m calling a “Chain of Confidence” that I believe any organization and the entire world can benefit from. Before I dive deeper, here’s a summary of the great week:

  • For the first time, we recorded our ReelwUrld Board of Advisors meeting, introducing everyone to the Lead Investor of our upcoming equity crowdfunding campaign, Ryan Kerrison. Lots of great minds in one place here.
  • Our Justice For Hire Action Scene Remake Competition with WarnerMedia’s Urban Action Showcase closed for submissions last Friday. You can watch all of the fantastic submissions here.
  • The JFH community came together to celebrate our collective achievement, and every person that attended made content. Watch our 22nd Hero Meetup here.
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a major new equity crowdfunding billdrafted by ReelwUrld’s General Counsel, Mark Hiraide. Catch Mark’s talk today on the Inclusivity Project for NorCal’s SBDC Global Diversity & Investment Summit.
  • I released the first of my Sports Tai Chi Push Hands match analysis videos with 16X World Champion player Chen Chi-Cheng.
  • Prior to our film tech startup’s public launch on WeFunder in the coming days, my private network (you) can reserve equity with a 30% discount. Only investors for the first $150K will receive this discount, with ⅓ already reserved by our lead investor.

Now, the “Chain of Confidence”. First of, gratitude to our advisor, former FBI Special Agent Chip Massey, for catalyzing this train of thought during our board meeting, where you can watch and hear us articulating this FEELING. Chip gave me a compliment as to what we’ve been building with ReelwUrld. It may have seemed like obligatory etiquette for me to respond, “Oh, pish posh. You’re too kind Chip, but it is because of you and our other wonderful advisors that we can make such strides in media and culture.”

(I didn’t say exactly that, but imagine me with a fancy accent and either knight’s armor or a top hat on saying it.)

I was being sincere.

As the meeting went on, the idea came up again and again. CONFIDENCE is an energy that is transferable. It is subtle in how it is transferred, but it’s effects are overt. When I looked at my Zoom screen full of some of the brightest minds in their respective fields, I absorb that cumulative feeling, then I consciously redistribute it throughout my company, our team, and to the community surrounding our first show and wUrld, Justice For Hire.

I can only do this because I’m AWARE OF HOW I FEEL.

This is a really big deal for me, as I spent a large part of my life denying how I felt, and/or numbing myself, and/or being unaware of what was happening inside me when I was around a particular person, place, thing, etc. It’s taken time for me to train myself and heighten my internal awareness, and I am writing today to remind anyone that may need to hear this of how important it is to take time to hear yourself.

To stay focused on this “Chain of Confidence”, I’ll lay out my observations on how this energy is transferred in my ecosystem, in hopes that this can help others do the same, do better, or propose alternative techniques:

1. I listen to my heart/gut on how I feel about a course of action or idea. If I get a good feeling, I record that feeling in my mind, then I proceed.

2. I go into the world with intent to match that good feeling to the new feelings I get from others. When that happens, I then share the original idea. If the good feelings increase in magnitude, I consider that person a part of the chain I’m building for this idea.

  • If the good feeling is not there, I note what I do feel, as it may be important for later contemplation and growth, and then I remove myself from the interaction.

3. I then consciously take this now increased good feeling and repeat the process with as many other people as necessary.

That’s the general 3-step structure. Here’s how I specifically apply it for ReelwUrld & JFH:

My advisors are each a big deal in their own right, and they give me confidence. I approach our community with confidence and a message that our network is their network, and that makes them more confident when they create with us, causing the high tide to raise all boats.

Just like in my sport of Tai Chi Push Hands, when I make a conscious shift, I see tangible, measurable results, and that’s been a game changer for myself and Reelwurld.

I’m the writer of my story, as you are for yours. Becoming more mindful of how you feel and how you distribute those feelings to others is the same as any data set that one acquires and redistributes. I’m choosing love and confidence for my life and my team and my community. May we all choose well.

Thanks as usual for the continued love and support. Please be sure to consider reserving your position in ReewUrld’s equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder before we launch and receive the early discount on valuation. Ask questions or give comments if you have any. Our page is being augmented daily as we prepare for launch.

With Love,

Jan L.

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